Improving Your Marriage in 15 Minutes a Day

Guest Contributor: Marriage in a Box
(Destiny Girard, LMFT,  Maria Sappe, LMFT, & Brad Whiteman)

The Marriage In A Box system was designed by a licensed marriage and family therapist to be used in conjunction with couple’s therapy or in the privacy of the couple’s home. It is a unique and practical approach for working through the most common issues encountered in relationships. Together, couples can examine issues, set goals, track progress, and reinforce their successes – resulting in an improved relationship. Partners can customize a plan suited for their individual needs, with a variety of supportive tools and practices to address a range of concerns.


Whoever said that marriage is easy and does not require work, must have never been married or in a committed relationship! All relationships, no matter how wonderful and fulfilling they are, require work from both partners on a regular basis. Making a relationship work, however, does not require extensive amounts of time and will look different for all couples.

The experts at Marriage In A Box have observed that it only takes an average of 15 minutes a day to improve one’s marriage. In today’s fast-paced world, 15 minutes spent on improving your relationship is manageable for practically everyone – it only means watching one less television show or staying up a few minutes later at night to talk.

Need a kickstart for that conversation? The therapists at Marriage in a Box have created a system of activities that couples can do to work on their relationship. These exercises include:

Learning how to communicate effectively through the use of “I-statements.”
Validating what your spouse is saying or feeling.
Complimenting your spouse and letting them know that you appreciate them.
Spending uninterrupted time together (no children, phones, dogs, etc.).
Engaging in hobbies or shared interests together, such as hiking, kayaking, painting, trying new restaurants, etc.
Taking the time to show your spouse that you love them, which includes acts of physical intimacy.
Leaving love notes for one another or sending random e-mails/texts throughout the day to express your love for your partner.
Working as a team to conquer difficult tasks, such as family finances, upcoming events or parenting.
Doing something that you know your spouse will appreciate – whether it’s surprising them with a dozen roses or doing the dishes unexpectedly.

Try creating a small goal for yourself each week of something that you can do to improve your relationship. You will be surprised what a big difference can be made by creating small changes in your daily interactions with your significant other!

4 thoughts to “Improving Your Marriage in 15 Minutes a Day”

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea, full of things ideas and issues that usually get put aside with kids, work, school, and just life in general. My only concern would be getting the husband on board. 15 minutes of my day is worth being happier for sure!

  2. This has really inspired me. 15 minutes is such a small amount of time and it’s sad to say that there are some days that I don’t even give that much to my husband. I love the suggestions to do something unexpected for your spouse and tell them you appreciate them. Such easy things to do and yet they just speak so much love to the other person.

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