10 Small Ways to Show Your Partner Some Love

little kindness_stephen coveyShowing your partner you love them doesn’t always have to mean grand, sweeping gestures, surprise vacations, or an aerial banner proclaiming your love. Here are 10 small ways to say, “Hey, you mean the world to me, and I’m glad you’re in my life.”

  1. Leave random notes in places you know they’ll find them (either right away or weeks from now), with a simple message like, “You’re my favorite person,” or “Thank you for always being able to make me laugh.” Bonus points for drawing a funny little picture.
  2. Cook or order in their favorite meal after they’ve had a long or difficult day.
  3. If they always do a chore on a certain day or specific time, beat them to it.
  4. When you know they have an big day ahead (maybe a job interview or an important presentation at work) get up early so you can surprise them with their favorite specialty coffee drink or another treat to jump start their day.
  5. Praise them in front of others.
  6. Whether you are going to the store or the refrigerator, ask if you can get them anything.
  7. Ask about the details of their day…and listen to their reply!
  8. Add that movie they’ve been dying to see to the top of your Netflix queue.
  9. Wink/smile at each other from across the room at a social gathering.
  10. Whether you or your partner get home first, greet them as if you haven’t seen them in weeks.


6 thoughts to “10 Small Ways to Show Your Partner Some Love”

  1. I took a half day last Friday to work around the yard on a beautiful fall afternoon. I read this article in the morning, and it gave me a good idea. I went into our stash of Thank You and Sympathy cards and found a blank card that would work perfect. In it I wrote one run-on sentence. “The BEST part of being married to you …. Is” and I completed the thought. I addressed the envelope but didn’t put a return address or stamp on it. When the mail man came, I just placed it in the pile with my wife’s other mail. She said she was excited to see a hand written note, assuming it was from a neighbor that just dropped it in the box. She didn’t recognize my hand writing even though I did nothing to disguise it. Well, she absolutely loved the card, it’s been prominently positioned on the counter ever since! It’s surprising how far a small act of love will go to touch the heart of those that mean so much to us. Ok gentlemen, it’s your turn now! 😉

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thank you for sharing this! It is amazing how such seemingly small gestures can make people feel so cherished and loved. So glad that we were able to spark this idea for you, and we appreciate you encouraging others to do the same!

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