The Right Foot

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? Why not “Third Saturday in July resolutions” or “Birthday resolutions”? Perhaps it is because the beginning of a new calendar year offers a clean slate and the opportunity to literally start the year off on the right foot, in hopes that we will set a precedent that will carry through the remaining 364 days of the year.

Using this logic, we begin to understand that starting something on the right foot can set off positive reverberations that help drive us to success.

Think about when your day starts off on the right foot — perhaps your partner made an awesome breakfast or you hit all green lights on your commute to work—you tend to feel an extra spring in your step, energized and motivated to successfully take on the rest of the day.

Now think about your relationship. Did it start off on the right foot? I’m not talking about whether your first date was perfect or if you accidentally knocked over your glass of wine. I’m talking about the real stuff; the stuff that ultimately forms the foundation of your relationship, providing the base from which to build and grow. Things like communication, honesty, acceptance, respect, and trust. Realistically, couples don’t ace all of these areas from the beginning. The lesson is to recognize that even if you and your partner didn’t start off on the right foot, you can take steps toward being better together.

Perhaps you’re newly engaged. How do you start your marriage on the right foot? It might include premarital counseling. Even if it is not required by your church or officiant, it just might be the most important part of your wedding planning, as it prepares you and your partner for what comes after the big day — marriage! It arms you with skills that are crucial to making any marriage last, providing a springboard for your new life together and hopefully setting a precedent for many, many years to come.

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