Make Your Next Date Memorable

Couples at all stages may sometimes struggle with date ideas.  Whether you are a long-term, committed couple looking to change up your date routine, or a fresh couple looking for some new ideas, we have provided a list of fun, cheap dates that are bound to spark the butterflies.

According to Larson & Arp’s book, $10 Great Dates, a worthwhile date has a couple common elements: quality time together, time away from your regular routine, a shared activity, and conversation.  All of these date ideas will provide you with the foundation to make your date something memorable.

It is important for you to make time for your partner – from now on, no more excuses.  Don’t have time?  These date ideas are listed at different times of the day, so whenever you have time to spare, there is an idea to share.   Running low on money?  All of the dates provided are very affordable (or free!)

Remember, it’s okay if the date doesn’t go as planned, it’s about breaking away from your routine to spend quality time together.



  • Make breakfast


How many mornings have you woken up, grabbed a banana, and ran out the door?  Wake up 20 minutes earlier to slow your morning down with your significant other.   Take the time to start your day off making breakfast for each other.  Enjoy the serenity of the morning.  If it’s a weekend, prep your breakfast to try something new.  If that fails, try out your local café you always pass by and wonder what they sell in there.  The point is to spend the morning with your partner and enjoy their company before your day begins.

  • Go for a walk


Of course you can take a walk at any time during the day, but taking a walk in the morning allows for the two of you to stimulate your muscles and excite yourselves for the day together.  Watch the sun rise as you stroll through your local park.  Discover the best route to take to get optimal viewing of the sun rising.

  • Run errands


This one may seem like a bit of a stretch for a date, but bear with me.  Errands are always a task that you try and put off, or push off on someone else.  Why not make this mundane task something fun that the two of you look forward to?  Make a power playlist of songs the two of you enjoy to sing to in the car.  This can be played in between stores and will give yourselves a chance to practice your karaoke.  Split the shopping list and make it a competition as to who can meet at the checkout line the quickest.  Loser buys coffee!



  • Go for a bike ride


Hop on your bikes and explore your neighborhood and the nice weather.  Try venturing out to nearby neighborhoods and find new bike paths to get lost in.  Adventuring with your partner is exhilarating and will create great conversation.  Not feeling that daring?  Try renting a tandem bike at your local park.  The tandem bike will create an atmosphere where the two of you will need to be in sync with one another.  This can be a great trust exercise for the two of you.

  • Water gun fight


Are you two ready to channel your inner child?  Swing over to your neighborhood convenience store and pick up two cheap water guns.  Set up camp on either side of the lawn; be as elaborate as you want.  The first to invade the others’ camp wins.  Not into getting wet?  Try Nerf Guns!

  • Picnic in the park


This date is, hands down, a classic.  Many people find it to be cliche and thus disregard it as a good date idea.   We view any date that has withheld the test of time to be worthwhile.  Take the time to plan the picnic together.  Are you going to go to a nearby state park?  Will you eat on a blanket on the ground?  Create unique finger foods to take along and don’t forget the dessert, you two deserve it after all that planning!



  • Make dinner from only the ingredients in your fridge


A date can be as simple as making dinner together.  However, if making dinner is in your regular routine, mix it up.  Try making dinner from only the ingredients in your fridge.  There are several websites that can help you do this.  Enjoy your silly creations together.

  • Star gazing


Grab a blanket and a warm sweatshirt.  Head out to a local park, or somewhere away from light pollution, and set up camp.   Appreciate the solidarity of you and your partner alone together.  Cuddle up and watch the stars roll in.  Surprise your partner by pointing out their zodiac constellation.

  • Make a fort to watch movies in


Perfect for a night where the two of you just want to relax inside.  Swing by your local Redbox on your way home from work or turn on Netflix before cozying up together.  This may seem like the same old, same old, so make sure to spice it up a bit.  Create a fort of pillows and blankets together on the living room floor.  Grab the popcorn, cuddle up, and you two are ready to go.

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