9 Relationship Posts to Saddle up and Read


Roger and Barb’s Story

I had been in a motorcycle accident as a young man, and with a cast on both arms and one leg had to move back in with my parents to heal. My mom worked in a small snack bar and when she told the story of her broken son to a young woman co-worker (Barb), that young woman said she would like to visit and cheer me up.

Barb and I were complete strangers, but that didn’t deter her from her mission. She lived about 6 miles from me and decided to ride her horse over for a first meeting/blind date on a warm summer day. Mind you, we live in upstate New York, not the Wild West! When she arrived, she tied the horse to a cedar tree in the front lawn and went to my door to introduce herself to me. A long conversation ensued, as we got to know each other.

This first “date” was quickly followed by others and our love quickly ignited and blossomed. That first meeting was in August. We were engaged by October, and married in January. Now 44 years, 3 children and 7 grandchildren later I am still madly in love with that pretty blue-eyed girl who rode over to comfort me on her buckskin horse.

Over the years we have worked with our local church and PREPARE/ENRICH to assist dozens of premarital couples, and couples in crisis to build stronger relationships. I wish for everyone the blessing of a lifelong and happy relationship like ours. I am a most blessed man.


We received so many uniquely beautiful first-date stories, like the one shared above, during our Bring Back the Butterflies campaign.  In addition to the stories we received from couples like you, many bloggers were excited to share their stories as a part of our campaign.  Some bloggers shared their relationship stories, some wrote about their opinions on the benefits of checking-in with your relationship by taking Couple Checkup, and others wrote about their experience taking our Couple Checkup assessment.  Our team at PREPARE/ENRICH is extremely enthusiastic to share with you the many blogs that graciously wrote about us during our Bring Back the Butterflies campaign.  Please check them out below!

Even though National Marriage Week is over, you can still continue to check-in with your relationship throughout the year.  Keep reminiscing about the fulfilling times in your relationship.  Check-in on your relationship with Couple Checkup.  Utilize the Couple Checkup discussion guide to spark healthy conversation surrounding your relationship.  Read our blog posts to inspire unique date-night ideas, reframe the way you think about your relationship, and receive modern relationship advice.  The butterflies shouldn’t stop at Valentine’s Day; let’s continue to bring them to the forefront of our relationships.

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