7 Reasons Why This Year’s Valentine’s Day Won’t Be Like Last Year’s

A brief synopsis on what happens every year on Valentine’s Day and what you can do this year to make it better than ever.

1. This year you will open up and communicate to your partner what you want for Valentine’s Day, figuratively and literally. It’s time to be assertive and vulnerable with your partner.  You will both appreciate that you were able to open up and say what you are really thinking.

2. You will not be let down by unrealistic expectations of what you think Valentine’s Day should be. Relax and release yourself of the #relationshipgoal doomsday trap. Today is about you two and your unique relationship, so try not to compare your relationship to the filtered ones you scroll past every day.

3. This year you will take some time to explore your relationship and how you and your partner work together. There is an assessment, called Couple Checkup, you can take that will lay out you and your partner’s strength and growth areas like a map.  Use the free Discussion Guide to navigate conversation around the different topics covered in the report.  During the week before Valentine’s Day, the assessment is nearly half off – take advantage of this huge discount to better your relationship.

4. You will not become complacent. It might be your twentieth Valentine’s Day together, but don’t just assume you no longer a need to make an effort. It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to express your love to your partner, which is worth a little extra work.

5. You will take the time to find something new to do this year, even if it’s watching a movie in a blanket fort instead of on the couch. Research shows that happier couples try new things together.  Strengthen your relationship this Valentine’s Day by doing something new.

6. This year you won’t jump to conclusions if something goes wrong. We all do it, we all assume the worst if something doesn’t go according to plan.  Take a step back this year and breathe.  That extra couple of seconds will help you reevaluate the situation and level your thinking.

7. This last one is key: you will learn from last year and this year to continually make Valentine’s Day an incredible day for you and your partner. The best way to make this year—and the following years– great is to not only honor the past, but also continue learning about what makes you and your partner happy.

Use these tips to make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best one yet.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the Couple Checkup assessment discount – that’s one investment in your relationship you won’t regret.  And it will sure last a lot longer than that dozen of roses you thought about last year!

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4 thoughts to “7 Reasons Why This Year’s Valentine’s Day Won’t Be Like Last Year’s

  1. This is a great post and I think it goes even deeper than just Valentine’s Day. My husband and I did not have a great 2017. We’ve been to therapy and we realized that somewhere over the years we became more like roommates than husband and wife. That being said, we’re really focusing on our marriage and relationship this year. Someone recommended looking in to Diana Shulman, http://www.dianashulman.com/. We found a lot of great info on her site, but we’ve also found her book ABCs of LOVE to be very helpful. Since we’re both reading it, it gives us a lot to talk about. Not only are we communicating more but we’re also having fun again. I think reason number 7 on this list is key, and so important – we have to keep learning! Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Carrie! We agree, your relationship is always going to be changing and it is so important to keep learning. Another tool you and your husband can utilize, to keep your conversation flowing, is our free Discussion Guide. This guide is meant to spark meaningful conversation between couples. Click here to access it! 🙂

  2. As a pastor I quit using Prepare and Enrich because, serving on an Indian reservation, Nstive American wasn’t even listed as an ethnicity to be checked off and the questions were not suited to a more orally focused culture. Has this changed at all? I graduated from seminary almost 10 years ago.

    1. Hello Pastor Linda! Thanks for reaching out. Since you have last used PREPARE/ENRICH, we have updated our assessment. It is now all online and couples can complete the assessment in their home or in your office on a computer. We have since added more races, which do include Native American, as well as mixed ethnicity. Please let us know if you have any more questions, or feel free to call our Customer Service team at 1-800-331-1661 and they would be happy to walk you through all our new updates.

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