Here’s a Secret to a Happier Relationship

We’ve heard it before.  Relationships can, and will (if we let them), fall in a rut.  We know they take energy, we know they take effort, we’ve heard this all before.  Amongst the extensive amount of stale relationship advice we’ve heard time and time again, this one stands out as most over-used.

But what if we told you that putting in the effort in a new and exciting way can actually make you a happier couple?  Instead of dreading the rut, or putting off the effort, you can try new and fun things together to actually create a healthier relationship.  It’s work, but it’s fun work.

Studies show that the more you try stimulating activities with your partner, the more satisfied you are in your relationship.  This means couples who go outside the comfort zone of their typical date night, like the same restaurant every Friday, and try something new – something that both partners are excited about, are happier in their relationship.

Why is this?  When experiencing something new, the brain releases two different chemicals, dopamine and norepinephrine.  Both of these chemicals are the same chemicals that are released during the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, when dates are new and exhilarating.

Think movie date night: do you and your partner always watch a comedy movie on date night?  What do you think would happen if you watched a scary movie instead?  Imagine the thrill of the suspenseful music, your hearts beating at twice the speed, small gasps here and there followed by a long scream that neither of you know whose mouth it came from.   This new, shared experience recreates the feeling of when you were first dating.  Butterflies fluttering in your stomach, your heart skipping a beat, and seeking comfort in one another.  These feelings can be recreated in many different ways, which is why it’s important to try new things with one another.  It’ll keep the spark alive.

It’s time you and your partner invest in your relationship.  It’s time to have some fun.  Try something new this weekend.  Not sure where to start?  Take our quiz below to spark some innovative date night ideas.  Or check out this blog for a list of unique ideas.


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