Making Lemonade

Is all of this uncertainty starting to wear on you? With your normal routines upended, are you feeling tense and a bit out of sorts? If so, you’re not alone. We feel it too!
We know there are worse things than spending all of your time at home with your partner and your kids. But if you’re experiencing some cabin fever, we’re here to help you turn this lemon-filled situation into some delicious lemonade (homemade, of course).
At Prepare/Enrich, our lemonade is precious time with our loved ones. Time we’d normally fill up with the everyday commitments that pull us in all different directions is now valuable time together.

How might you make the most out of this extra time together? Here are some ideas.

  • Go on a date at home. Take your lunch break with your spouse, go on a walk together, have picnic in bed, or make some popcorn and watch a new movie. Focus on being fully present with each other versus just being in the same room. If you two are craving some social interaction, FaceTime your couple friends for a virtual “double date.”
  • Start a new routine. Any routine will do – a daily workout regimen, cooking dinner together each night, or heck, even choreographing your own dance routine. Whatever you choose, create something that you look forward to doing with your partner every day.
  • Focus on the positive. It’s normal to feel anxious right now and easy to get caught up in worry. Focus on the good in your current situation. Whether it’s sleeping in because of your new, 1-minute commute, enjoying your partner’s custom playlists throughout the day, or having a view of your peaceful backyard instead of a cubicle, soak it in.
  • Nurture mutual relationships. Connect with and check in on family or friends – virtually, of course. FaceTime Aunt Cheryl together, or do a big Zoom call with your whole college friend group. Share some laughs and virtual hugs – the endorphin boost will have you both feeling happy and energized.
  • Consider a relationship assessment (taken from the comfort of your home). If it’s been awhile since you took Prepare/Enrich, our Couple Checkup assessment is a great option. You might even reach out to your Prepare/Enrich Facilitator about taking the full assessment again – you could even do virtual feedback sessions! It’s a great way to take full advantage of you both being home.

During this unsettled and unpredictable time, lean into each other. Be each other’s constant. Make lemonade. There’s a lot we can’t control right now, but you can control how you nurture your relationship. We’ll be here cheering you on.

14 thoughts to “Making Lemonade”

  1. You seem to be assuming that I am living in a relationship with some one. The majority of people in my church are single and live alone.

  2. This is great. For those of us with children I have found it enlightening to share a craft or spend some time outdoors gardening for example to have a different level of togetherness and teamwork. My husband and I then enjoy the evening time looking at what we accomplished as a family.

    1. Thanks, Mary! You’re right, children add a whole other level of complexity to this situation – kudos to you for finding ways to spend quality time with them during the day while also reserving time for you and your husband in the evening!

  3. I love these ideas as we settle in our new “normal”. I would love to share it on my Facebook page so others can read it !

  4. Great stuff. I’ll be posting on our Marriage Ministry FB page (One Love Marriage Ministry at Crossover Bible Fellowship).

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