4 Wedding Challenges That Will Benefit Your Marriage

Wedding season is in full swing right now, or at least it would be during a normal year. The reality is, even if you don’t have to cancel or postpone your big day, there’s a chance that things might look different than you envisioned. Feeling disappointment and sense of grief is normal and valid. We understand all the planning and resources that go into these momentous events! But we also want to encourage you to keep your eye on the prize – a long, happy marriage.

Here are four challenges you might be facing for your 2020 wedding – and how they might actually be an opportunity to strengthen your marriage in the long run.

Having to limit your guest list
You might be faced with having to whittle down your guest list in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines or venue capacity restrictions. What happens when you only have five spaces left, and you both have at least ten more people you can’t imagine not being there? Well, here is a great opportunity to listen and gain an understanding of what is important to each other. You might have to compromise and make a few sacrifices on each other’s behalf, things you’ll inevitably have to do throughout your marriage. Keep in mind you could always have other smaller celebrations later, perhaps on your one-year anniversary! Think of it as a way to extend the joy of your wedding day.

Worrying about money
Money can be difficult to talk about even during normal times. Now you might be dealing with some unforeseen stressors due to employment or income changes, on top of having to pay for wedding expenses. Nothing like being thrown into the deep end of talking about money! Although they can be uncomfortable, being able to have these conversations will be crucial as you navigate life together as a married couple.

Handling last minute changes
The dresses might not arrive on time. The best man works in healthcare and is not sure he’ll be able to attend. Your cake vendor might go out of business. Argh! All of this uncertainty could stress out even the most laidback couples. One skill Prepare/Enrich helps couples practice is focusing on the stressors within your control. As difficult as it can be, not wasting energy on the things beyond your control can save your sanity. Adopting a go-with-the-flow attitude while supporting each other can help you foster resilience in your relationship, which has shown to be a key characteristic of lasting relationships.

Filtering input from family and friends
Your mom might be telling you to only include immediate family. Your future in-laws want you to move the whole thing to their backyard. Your best friend thinks you should just postpone everything until you can do it all exactly how you want. Who do you listen to? Who should have the most say? Once you’re married, there are new boundaries around your couple relationship that may not have been there before. And that’s healthy! Throughout your marriage, you’ll have situations where you’ll need to juggle family and friend dynamics alongside your couple relationship.  This is good practice for keeping the well-being of your marriage front and center.

This year has thrown a wrench in many couples’ wedding plans, and it can be tough coming to terms with the fact that your big day may not play out exactly as you envisioned. So we want to give you this encouragement: your relationship will benefit more having worked through these obstacles together, building resilience and setting yourself up for a thriving marriage.

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  1. Thank you for this post, it’s so relevant. These are exactly what I’ve been experiencing as I’ve been planning my wedding. I’m encouraged that even through this tragic and turbulent time, one unexpected upside is that my fiance and I are learning how to work through obstacles. I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt in not being able to accommodate all the requests of my loved ones but I’m reminded through this article that this is inevitable during any wedding planning and to just keep trying to have clear communication and an open and optimistic mind.

    1. Michelle, thank you for being real with your response. I have had several big blow ups of future family in-laws causing a great deal over tiny details that we can’t accommodate them for. It is extremely stressful and challenges my fiancé and my relationship because my fiancé is pulled to please his family when we have discussed we are not able to accommodate their requests at this time. God is thankfully growing us together in this but it is nonetheless, difficult. I’m praying the Lord fulfills His promises to us and you both in using all things for our good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His night to fulfill all He has spoken over you and your future hubby and your life as He brings you together in holy matrimony! I’ll be praying for you! Please be praying for my fiancé and I too! Where two or more are gathered in His name, there Christ Jesus is in the midst! God bless you and your fiancé’s relationship!

  2. My husband and I went through with our wedding plans on 3/20/20. Every topic and discrepancy here was a reflection of our unity. We were not going to postpone our wedding. Up until the wedding day we did not know what was happening a week before daily. Stressful to say the least!The pandemic was just getting started. The day of our wedding was the last day of businesses being open. My husband and I have learned resilience in the most unpredictable circumstances. Also, my husband lost his best man the December before ,and my mother went into the ICU two weeks before the wedding. My pastor and mother made the call on our wedding day not being postponed. We made the right choice! Our honeymoon has been postponed three times now. So we decided to take our blended family on a new kind of honeymoon to Destin together 🙂

  3. My fiancé and I have been looking at wedding venues and have just picked a date which made it very real and now more stressful but I’m sure this advice will be beneficial. Our guest list was a lot smaller then what we thought so we are really happy about that and can save a bit of money there. Our wedding is still not happening until 2022 but atleast we have the time to make changes if need be

  4. Great post that is very helpful and relevant to the needs of many relationships. Thanks a great deal for this post.

  5. Thank you for taking your time to think and put yourself in the shoes of those who feels trapped in this challenges.
    I agree with you, these challenges have many positives.
    God bless you and please keep us (Denise and Rainbow) in your prayers,

  6. I like this alot! We had to have a last minute 10-person wedding on the day of our original wedding, back in May. It was stressful, but in the end very beautiful. Now we still are in the throes of planning the actual big party with everyone, and we still don’t know when that will be. I like what you said about focusing on the stressors within your control. We will keep that in mind!

  7. 4 Wedding Challenges That Will Benefit Your Marriage
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    I would like to request permission to translate to Spanish.

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