5 Tips For Making Date Night A Reality

A regular date night always sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? In theory, it seems easy enough to follow through on. But while some couples are great at making it a priority, others struggle to make it happen. There are just too many things that can get in the way (and that was even before this whole pandemic thing). Maybe it’s your season of life, or your jobs, or your finances. You’ll always be able to come up with reasons why a date night just isn’t in the cards this month.

But here’s the only reason you need for why it should be: your relationship is worth it.

Your relationship deserves, and benefits from, intentional time together. And we want to help make it easier for you. Here are 5 tips for making date night a reality.

  1. Schedule in advance. 
    Sit down and pull out your calendars. Choose 3 dates in the next two months that will work. Put them in your phone. Add (multiple) reminders. Mark them on the family calendar. Create a sense of anticipation!
  2. Secure a sitter and build in a backup.
    Family norms and dynamics vary, but ask family members – your parents, siblings, or older nieces/nephews if they can watch the kids (but also be willing to reciprocate!). List out the dates you need them and see which they can cover. If you live close to family, see if you can coordinate with your siblings and have the grandparents watch all the kids (which makes it a special night for the kiddos, too!). Build a list of go-to trusted sitters and schedule with them in advance. Follow up a few days before to confirm.
  3. Get creative with what you consider a “date.”
    It doesn’t always have to be dinner and drinks in the evening. Think outside the box to make them easier to fit into your weekly cadence. Try day dates, driving dates, and even at-home dates (if you’re not too sick of being at home). Just make sure it’s something where you are both fully present and able to focus on each other without distraction. Check out our 12-Month Date Guide for more ideas!
  4. Consider them “required.”
    This means it’s of the same importance as say, an important meeting at work or with your kid’s teacher. Basically – you can’t just cancel it because it’s raining or your friend asked you to pick them from up the auto shop. Obviously, if there was a dire situation, yes, but the idea is that you both commit to making it happen, even if it requires putting in a little extra effort.
  5. Practice makes perfect.
    It probably sounds weird, but the more you do them, the more it becomes a “habit.” It will feel less like a hassle with lots of moving parts that need to fall perfectly into place and more like a normal thing you do. You’ll know the days of the week that seem to work best, the ideal time for the sitter to arrive, and even discover some new favorite places to go.

Regular date nights are a great way to nurture your connection. We know it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll never have to cancel one (that’s why we suggest planning three!). We also know that sometimes, it’s just simply not doable. With intention and a bit of planning ahead, you can make date nights a reality! And we know it’ll be worth the effort.

Speaking of date night…

Check out our Discussion Guide for Couples. It’s a great addition to your date night or daily check in, and it makes a great gift as well!

Or download our FREE Date Conversation Guide!

5 thoughts to “5 Tips For Making Date Night A Reality”

  1. Great Suggestions. Special, intentional together time for partners/spouses in these times is more challenging than one might assume. Some research shows that the average time couples spend in face to face contact on a daily basis is actually measured in minutes over a 24 hour period.
    Over time, couples get into patterns and roles with each other where the one will typically take the initiative to plan and arrange the date, while the other passively waits for a suggestion to be presented. If this is the case, to add to the creative approach, alternate leadership/responsibility week by week for coming up with something to do together. This leaves open possibilities for pleasant surprises, and changes the pattern.

  2. Just downloaded the free Date Conversation Guide! I plan to order the discussion guide for future use during our activity nights while putting our 1000 piece Ravensberger puzzle together.

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