5 Reasons 2020 Was Good for Relationships

This might sound crazy, but we’re going to put it out there: 2020 has been good for our relationships. Not just our relationship as a couple, but all of the meaningful relationships in our lives. Don’t get us wrong, it also put them to the test. We experienced tension, terse words, and probably a few arguments thrown in there, too. But we’ve now been in this long enough that we can pull back a bit and see things through a broader perspective.

Here are some of the positive effects on relationships we experienced this year.

We have a better understanding of quality time (vs. quantity).
Yep, many of us spent a lot of time with our partner/family this year. How much of that time would you classify as “quality” time? How much of it was simply time when you happened to be under the same roof, but you weren’t really connecting or enjoying each other’s company? Quality time takes effort and intention, even when quantity is plentiful and many of our options for distraction are taken away. We learned that 20 minutes of good conversation can do more for our relational and emotional wellbeing than two hours of zoning out looking at our phones.

We cherished non-text-based interaction.
Pre-pandemic, many of us would rather text than have an actual phone conversation. After months of working remotely or simply not being able to chat in person whenever we liked, we now appreciate the nuanced communication cues that come with a certain tone, inflection, or facial expression, or the warmth conveyed through a casual hug from a loved one. These are all opportunities for small moments of human connection that a text message can’t capture in quite the same way.

We learned how we can show up for our loved ones.
We’ve probably all had our share of emotional ups and downs this year. Sometimes we needed support, and sometimes we provided it. Whether it was weekly video chats with grandparents or cooking up our partner’s favorite comfort foods, we found ways to lift each other’s spirits and show our love in small, yet meaningful ways.

We strengthened our resilience muscles.
This year we had to flex and adapt. Our normal routines and daily lives were upended in ways we hadn’t experienced before. Special events and occasions were postponed, modified, or scaled back. We dealt with stress, disappointment, fear and uncertainty. But we powered on and found new, creative ways to connect, celebrate, and foster a sense of normalcy among our family and friends. This “bouncing back” is resilience in action.  

Above all, we are grateful.

We are grateful for our partners, who sometimes made us want to pull out our hair in annoyance, but also pulled their weight and more as we navigated through times that felt chaotic. We are grateful for our family, friends, and coworkers, who listened, commiserated, encouraged, and laughed with us.

When so much of the familiar was stripped away, we were grateful for our relationships. We relied on them to keep us grounded and help keep things in perspective, to make us feel like we’re not alone in all of the craziness. We tend to get caught up in our own busy lives, and we take them for granted. And we might still do that from time to time. But this year brought us back to center and helped us focus on what was truly important. And we’re grateful for that reminder.

5 thoughts to “5 Reasons 2020 Was Good for Relationships”

  1. Loved and appreciated all that you shared. I heard a country gospel song that really caught my attention. “Love the people while you have them for one day He’ll want them back. The man wrote it concerning a dear friend he kept thinking he needed visit. Before he ever followed through his friend passed away and that’s why he wrote the song. Especially with what we have been walking through may we never take being with family and friends not a priority. These Sundays just sitting with Lyssa and Ben has been very special and Lyssa commented how much she enjoys my being there so she is not sitting alone. It has been a difficult year for you and Becky with all the precious people who have gone home to be with the Lord and many who are going through a time of suffering. Again a beautiful reminder to all of us that we rejoice with those who rejoice and share in the sufferings with our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Ephesians 3:18-20,,Linda

  2. This does remind us all that when a door a shut, the Lord always opens a window. Thank you for reminding us all that regardless of the negatives this year has brought, it has also brought about positives along the way. May God Bless you and your family always!

  3. Wonderful piece. It really hones in on some of the sincere benefits of the new normal (hopefully not permanent) and how challenges create opportunities. In essence, normal and unexpected is not always optimal in every facet of human life and relationships.

  4. We’re one of many couples who kept trying to have a child (both age 35 & trying for a while) during COVID & now I’m 24weeks pregnant! 😀 I

    t’s important to be safe, but I’m certainly thankful for the ways that this whole situation has brought my husband & I closer together.

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