3 Reasons to Celebrate Something Today

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Author’s Note: This blog post was written mid-March, just before COVID-19 stay-at-home orders became widespread throughout the country, drastically altering the way we live our daily lives. At the time, celebrating anything seemed like an artifact of a previous life.

As the weeks wore on, the importance of celebration became clear; celebrations are necessary. And as a result, we’ve seen birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and more celebrated in new and creative ways. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our relationships, and what we value most. We hope this post carries a new layer of meaning as we begin navigating forward with this changed perspective.

What do you celebrate in your relationship?

Do you go all out for every birthday and anniversary or are you in a season of life where you barely have time to yell, “Happy Anniversary!” across the room as you head off in separate directions?

Do you celebrate the big milestones? What about the small victories? Do you still commemorate your dating anniversary? What about the anniversary of when you first met?

The thing is, we choose whether we want to make celebrations a priority, whether we celebrate both the big and small occasions, and whether we do that through grand or mundane gestures. By doing so, we create our own relationship celebration “culture.” 

So why is this important?

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5 Ways to Come Out of This Stronger Than Ever

Every day we are presented with opportunities to strengthen our relationship. Most of the time these opportunities are disguised as ordinary interactions or situations. Other times we’re presented with circumstances that completely throw us for a loop. (Oh hi, COVID-19!) When we don’t have any control over the circumstances, we do have control over how we react to them.

In our recent Rally for Relationships livestream event, Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman talked about how the current situation can either strain or strengthen your relationship. Here are five possible relationship strains you might be facing right now and strengthening solutions to help you come out stronger.

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5 Small Ways You Can Support Each Other Every Day

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If there’s one thing we’re learning right now, it’s that the adage is true: the little things are the big things. Taking time to enjoy the little things, feeling gratitude for them, and putting effort into doing them for others can turn a blah day into a great one. It’s all about perspective.

Your partner is probably one of the people you’re spending the most time with right now, so the seemingly small ways in which you show up for each other during this time can make a huge difference. Here are five examples:

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Making Lemonade

Is all of this uncertainty starting to wear on you? With your normal routines upended, are you feeling tense and a bit out of sorts? If so, you’re not alone. We feel it too!
We know there are worse things than spending all of your time at home with your partner and your kids. But if you’re experiencing some cabin fever, we’re here to help you turn this lemon-filled situation into some delicious lemonade (homemade, of course).
At Prepare/Enrich, our lemonade is precious time with our loved ones. Time we’d normally fill up with the everyday commitments that pull us in all different directions is now valuable time together.

How might you make the most out of this extra time together? Here are some ideas.

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